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#3 Adding Crypto Currency Alerts
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This is where the experience of advanced traders and programmers collaborate to develop realiable trading quants. Our quants can be traded on any major exchange. Try our software for free and see for yourself.

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What We Do?

We have everything you need to jumpstart your algorithmic trading journey, with the best tools and support.


Alert driven signals at lightning speeds and customly crafted quant put our quants on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency algorithmic trading. Our clients are provided with excellent support at setup in TradingView and to other platforms in all our packages.

Dynamic candlesticks support

My Trading Scripts solutions are computing candlestick OHLC data at lightning speeds. We syncronize every indicator and method sequence in order to give the best possible results with less effort for you. See how your equity curve starts growing. Apply for our free trials at Discord.

Backtesting tools

We have developed all our software in the very last Pine scripting version 3. Backtesting tools are consistent to alert signals in a WYSIWYG environment. The signals will be executed round-the-clock while you can see how alerts mimic your backtesting results. You can make adjustments in every step, every indicator, even while running.

Supported Exchanges

We provide exchange support for major names in the industry, current succesfuly running bots in Binance, Bitmex, Poloniex, Bittrex, etc... We can also develop custom API-Drivers for almost every existent exchange. Just ask at our Discord channel.

Quality design

The scripts we have developed do not have repainting issues on TradingView. If you have an issue, report it and we will fix it. Alerts for LONG/SHORT (margin and leverage trading) or typical exchange trading BUY/SELL setups are available.

Different packs

My Trading Scripts provides different solutions for every trader. We can provide customized trading tools for every client. Discretionary and systematic traders can find everything they need to grow their wealth.

We will offer Radar signal system that gives you solid performance prediction overview about markets in any given timeframe. know more.

Solid equity curve growing

We work hard to constatly upgrade our scripts and quants in order to give our customers even better equity curves, built-in risk management methods are in all our Strategies and Alerts-Studies. Test our software by asking for a trial for free.

Recent Works

We love what we do, check out images of our actual automated strategies

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The team

MyTradingScripts uses the following technology from our partners

10+ year experience working with systematic quantative analysts and experience in trading floor. Love to win, hate to lose. Avid golfer. The most important way to succeed is to just try one more time.

Sandi, mytradingscripts
Sandi Market analyst, sales and support team

10+ years of experience in forex, and more recently an avid crypto connoisseur. Seven-figure business growth consultant and asset development strategist. Can be found snowboarding in the Canadian mountains, or kickboxing in the Thai jungles – adaptable and driven, just like my business style. Call me crazy, but I like to see other people happy and succeeding.

Kari Safari mytradingscripts
Kari Safari Sales and support team, market analyst

Crypto Consulting Group is a crypto think-tank that provides the most up-to-date informational resources, guidance and analysis around cryptocurrency investing. Our team of Industry experts brings clarity to the cryptocurrency world for this new and exciting ecosystem.

Enrrique from ccg
Enrique From CCG Crypto Consulting Group, advisory board

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